Designers Share Character Concepts for RiD 2015 & Prime

Designers Jose Lopez and Walter Gatus who worked on both Transformers: Prime and the 2015 Robots in Disguise have shared a variety of character concept and design art from the two series. There are a few surprises in designs that didn’t quite make it to the screen.  
Gatus’ concepts include a a number of Decepticons, each with detail images of how their facial expressions work. We’ve pulled only a selection here. Also note early concept work for Sideswipe in a very different alternate form.

This earlier Sideswipe design shows up again in the Transformers portfolio of Jose Lopes, and again we’ve only pulled a few selections here. Designs of robots and humans for both Prime and RiD show in particular some early evolution in the Prime designs, plus more expression work.

Share your thoughts on the concepts in their thread on the Allspark Forums. Thanks to Allspark member Evac (also known as Jetstream) for sharing this find with us.