Casio Watch Advertisement Features Optimus Prime

Via Snakas, we have an advertisement for Casio’s G-Shock G-Steel watch! We’re not exactly sure why. Casio partnered with “Transformers” (via TakaraTomy, it seems) to create this advert, featuring the watch in question transforming into Optimus Prime and punching a falling meteorite. 
The video is apparently a collaboration in honor of the 35th anniversary of the G-Shock line. Snakas notes that Transformers and G-Shock also share some heritage, as Japanese products that came into their own in the American market.

Thanks to Allspark user Spacewarp for sharing this item with us. You can join its thread on the Allspark Forums to share your thoughts on wearable Transformers. You can also visit the Snakas blog for more on this animated oddity.