NYCC Pics: PotP Terrorcons, Rodimus Unicronus, Windcharger, more!

Terrorcons, Dinobots, and…Shattered Glass?! Oh my!
Thanks to for being on the scene to take these great pictures, we have our first look at several new upcoming items from Power of the Primes.
A fully painted Volcanicus is on display, as well as the full team of Terrorcons, Windcharger, the Skrapnel re-release, Metalhawk, Submarauder, and Rodimus Unicronus.
Rodimus Unicronus is of note for being very much based on BotCon’s Shattered Glass Rodimus, complete with van dyke beard in Prime mode! Also on display behind Windcharger is a gray scale Divebomb component of the upcoming Titan Predaking!

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