Checking in with Bumblebee – More Set Photos

Set photos continue to filter in as filming continues in Los Angeles for the Bumblebee movie, including Hailee Steinfeld on set, John Cena posing with a very large gun, and a very attractive steering wheel cap.

Instagram user JohnCenaCrews and Twitter user Steinfeld News produced the following set photos, apparently from the same shoot on Friday, in Los Angeles. Hailee Steinfeld plays the film lead Charlie Watson; John Cena, pictured in the lower two images, is a major player in the film and a Sector Seven agent whose name hasn’t yet been disclosed (but seems to include the last name Burns.)

Meanwhile, Steinfeld herself shared this post via Instagram:

If I don’t pick up it’s cause I’m driving. 😉🐝💨🏁 #BumblebeeTheMovie

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Steinfeld News also reports that filming will be moving to Long Beach on Oct. 13.
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