RID Legion Twinferno Stock Photos Released

The Robots in Disguise toyline isn’t quite over yet, and one of those final releases is set to be Legion Class Twinferno. Via Amazon, we now have our best look at this little figure yet!

Autobot Twinferno has two minds that barely agree on anything, except when it comes to destroying Decepticons. When the flying warrior is in dragon mode, he breathes fire from two heads. It’s double the trouble for the Decepticons!

Twinferno is, of course, an homage to Generation 1 Doublecross, and this Legion figure is his second toy in the Robots in Disguise line, after a larger Warrior Class figure. It remains to be seen if Twinferno will appear in the final episodes of the franchise’s cartoon series, but the fact he’s got two toys means the odds aren’t bad!
Either way, this Legion toy looks like a fun little figure, and fans will no doubt be crossing their fingers that he doesn’t end up victim to the dreaded “tail-ender syndrome”! Here’s hoping this guy reaches retail!