MP-36 Golden Lagoon Masterpiece Megatron “Lucky Draw” Figure Leaked

The Rarity of Convoy Facebook page has revealed what appears to be an unannounced Lucky Draw MP-36 Megatron in gold chrome, labeled as a “Golden Lagoon Megatron”. The intricate figure is bathed entirely in gold chrome and accompanied by not at all comforting pearlescent gold plastic weapons. 

TakaraTomy’s “Lucky Draw” figures are well-known for their all-chrome decos and are normally produced as promotional campaign prizes in very limited quantities, possibly a mercy in this case.  Megatron even appears to include the interchangeable faces and chest and the full set of accessories from the original MP-36 release, allowing the lucky few the the choice to test fate itself by prying at the edges of removable panels, or even sliding on the already problematic barrel extension.
We do hope that at least one brave owner transforms their copy into gun mode, once, for a photo for the Transformers Wiki. See the original Facebook post by Rarity of Convoy here.
Thanks to Allspark user Thylacine 2000 for the heads up on this story. Discuss it here on the Allspark forums and stop here first if it’s your first time to create an account.