New Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Optimus Prime and Stegosaur Chase

Two new-mold Rescue Bots figures under the Playskool Heroes brand have appeared on the Hasbro website: Chase in his Stegosaurus form, and a new, rugged-looking Optimus Prime echoing elements of his Beast Hunters persona.
The figures appear to be in the vein of the Rescan series. Chase the Dino Protector is a new mold resembling his “Mini Dino” release as a blue stegosaurus (and loosely resembling his animated dinosaur self, though without conspicuous police car details.) Optimus Prime is described as a “fierce” truck and sports an armored-looking cab section, an enormous bumper, and big, offroad wheels.

See more images in Hasbro’s galleries for Optimus here and Chase here.
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