High-Quality Photo Gallery of MPM-3 Movie Bumblebee

In addition to the gallery we previously posted of TakaraTomy’s Calibur Optimus Prime, Twitter user Alfes2010 has also had a very productive photo shoot with an MPM-3 Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee, showing off the fine detailing, complex transformation, expressive articulation, and – oddly – the impressive balance of the figure.
MPM-3 Bumblebee is based on his concept Camaro appearance from the 2007 Transformers. While this is a design we’ve seen in various plastic interpretations and filmic iterations for a decade now, MPM-3 captures the design and proportions of the film character far more successfully than any previous transforming figure. The transformation makes better use of the car body bulk to fill out the robot silhouette and effectively stows the roof shell inside the robot torso, limiting his backpack decoration to his movie-accurate split door wings. He’s also highly articulated even for the Masterpiece line, including individually articulated fingers, and capable of some very expressive and acrobatic posing, as the gallery below demonstrates.
The gallery also shows off some details that might have been easy to miss in video reviews or stock photography; not yet a happy Bumblebee owner myself, I was pleasantly surprised to notice the film-accurate engine cover detailing between his shoulder blades.
MPM-3 Movie Bumblebee is currently in stock at site sponsor TFSource and other online retailers.

Alfes2010 shared the above images in a series of tweets here, here, and here.