HasCon Exclusives Revealed: Titans Return Arcee, Power Battery Optimus, Grimlock MTG card, More!

Thanks to an article on io9, we have official pictures of the rumored Titans Return Arcee figure and confirmation that it’ll be part of a series of exclusive items planned for HasCon – but there’s a catch. Full rundown and images after the jump.

First of all, the most anticipated item from this reveal: Arcee! As implied by the recently leaked card artwork, Arcee is a heavy retool of the Deluxe Blurr figure. But shattering all expectations is the reveal that her Titan Master is not Daniel Witwicky, but instead Ultra Magnus – the same one revealed on the other leaked card artwork.
UPDATE: It appears that Ultra Magnus isn’t, in fact, Arcee’s head, but a separate Titan Master included with the figure. So her included head may be the “Leinad” hinted at on the SDCC “Titan Master Crunch” printout.
However, io9 claims that Arcee isn’t actually an exclusive to the show – instead, she’s part of an “early access” group of items that will apparently have a wider retail release following the convention. Although not known for sure, it’s likely her $30 price tag will be the same at both the convention and its later wide release.

Next up in the “early access” group is a set of three Magic: The Gathering cards featuring characters from other Hasbro properties. Notable to us TF fans is the inclusion of Grimlock (and his ability requires converting a Transformers figure that you own). The other two cards in the $30 set make reference to Dungeons & Dragons and Nerf.

Finally, and the only of these Transformers-related items actually exclusive to HasCon, is the $50 Optimus Prime power bank. It’s a 6500mAh smartphone charger that converts into the famous Autobot leader. Not only does the battery work, but you can also use its charge to power a light-up sword accessory. Neat!

io9’s article has photography of the other non-Transformers items available as early access items as well as those exclusive to the show.
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