Wonderfest exclusive MB-EX Dark of the Moon Laserbeak revealed!

Out of left field comes a reveal of Takara Tomy’s Wonderfest 2017 exclusive Dark of the Moon MB-EX Laserbeak! The figure appears to be a redeco of the 2014 Movie the Best Bumblebee with a pink color scheme to represent Laserbeak’s disguise during a scene in the third TRANSFORMERS film. Full pic and details after the jump.

According to the clipping from Figure King Magazine, the figure will be available at Wonderfest Summer on July 30 of next month at a price of 4,300 yen. So if you happen to be in Chiba, Japan, next month, pick one up!

Thanks to Allspark user Powered Convoy for the tip and TFW2005 user Type-R for posting the magazine scan. Join the discussion on our forums.