Prime 1 Studio Releases The Last Knight Megatron Statue Gallery

Prime 1 Studio have released an extensive Facebook gallery for their newly announced Transformers: The Last Knight Megatron, revealing our most detailed look Megatron’s new Movie design yet in the process. The studio are makers of ultra-high-grade video game, comic, and movie statues.

MMTFM-17: Megatron (The Last Knight) joins upcoming Museum Masterline Optimus Prime and several existing Prime 1 Studio statues and busts based on the Transformers movie franchise, all exceptionally highly detailed, large-scale replicas.
The gallery reveals high-resolution images of every angle on the intricately detailed statue, revealing fine details of the movie model. Click through for the full gallery.
The statue itself stands 31″ in height and includes LED features and a stately display base as well as a removable shield and an interchangeable head for a second expression. An exclusive version includes a third head sculpt with Megatron’s battle mask deployed. The regular version will retail for $1,849 for a production run of 1000 and the exclusive version will sell for $1,899 limited to 500 units.