Full-Color Photos of TakaraTomy MP15/16-E Cassettes!

Up today for preorder on the TakaraTomyMall website is MP15/16-E Cassettebots vs. Cassettrons, the new set featuring Enemy, Stripes, Nightstalker, and Wingthing! Full gallery and some background on these obscure characters after the jump.

The set is currently listed on TakaraTomyMall for the price of 10,800 yen, or about 96 dollars at the current exchange rate. The release date is shown as late December 2017.
Each of these figures are based on Cassettes that first came out as pack-ins with the Encore reissues of Soundblaster and Twincast, but each also has an obscure origin in the G1 mythos.
Enemy began life as a pair of unnamed merchandise tie-ins during the G1 toyline (an AM radio and a voice changer). Both of these products bore a resemblance to Rumble/Frenzy, but the package listed them only as “Enemy.” With his Encore release, Enemy’s name was canonized.

Wingthing was originally released in 1990 as the partner/weapon of Action Master Soundwave. The Encore release used Wingthing’s orange and black deco and applied it to the G1 Ratbat mold.

Nightstalker first appeared in a single issue of the UK version of Marvel’s G1 comics, as a jaguar Autobot similar in appearance to Ravage, and who was said to have been the former partner of the famous Decepticon. For his Encore release, Takara Tomy applied a Ravage-esque deco to G1 Steeljaw and gave him Ravage’s missiles.

Stripes has possibly the most obscure origin of any of these Cassettes, starting as no more than a name in an early draft of The Transformers: The Movie. Having no physical appearance to go off of, TakaraTomy opted to give G1 Ravage a tiger-stripe deco and equip him with Steeljaw’s weapons. He finally hit it big in 2016 as one of the first Legends-class figures to be released in the Titans Return subset of Transformers Generations.

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