Transformers Tiny Turbo Chargers Blind Pack Content Codes Revealed!

If you’ve seen the cute little Tiny Turbo Charger blind packs you may wonder what they include and how to tell? Well wonder no more! Thanks to the diligent work of Transformers fan Robert Hardin, he has cracked the code to tell which figure is in which pack without have to feel around or take your chances.
According to his findings, on the back of each package is a tiny imprinted letter – that letter signifies the contents of the package (See pics below). Here is the complete list he’s compiled for you.

I have cracked the code!
I’ve been doing some online research on these Tiny Turbo Changers blind bags trying to see what bag has which character. The forums haven’t been helpful, many saying there aren’t codes anymore due to anti-gambling laws! This simply is not true, because I found individual letter codes on each package near the small window (which also gives you a hint). The codes are:
A – Grimlock gold
B – Grimlock black
C – Lockdown
D – Hound
E – Bee yellow
F – Crosshairs
G – Blackout
H – Soundwave
J – Starscream
K – Sideswipe
L – Bee black
! – Prime
Yes, Prime seems to be an exclamation point. Happy hunting!

Whether that Optimus Prime figure is an “!” or the letter “I” is unclear since, as another user pointed out the “I” is the only letter missing from the sequence. In either case, everyone should have an easy time getting what they need and want!
Personal note – I got 3 sample packs and ended up with a single letter “A” and two letter “B” figures – had I known this in advance I might have certainly kept one sealed.
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