Takara Reveals Masterpiece Sunstreaker!

For years since the release of Takara’s Masterpiece Sideswipe, people have been dreaming of being able to team him up with his brother from the old G1 days.  Those that couldn’t stand the wait and may have broken down and bought a 3rd party solution, you may have jumped the gun.  Today images have popped up on twitter as well as Planet Iacon’s Facebook page showing off the upcoming Takara Masterpiece Sunstreaker!!
As would be expected, the car mode is similar to Sideswipe. The differences is very obvious though when it comes to his transformation and finishes.  More than just a retool, this guy sports an all new transformation and shiny chrome engine parts (would we expect anything else from a vain as Sunstreaker).
Sunstreaker is also sporting an all new set of accessories.  The highlight of which is probably the human Autobot sidekick Chip Chase complete with wheelchair!  Also sporting new weapons and an alien mask from the original cartoon!

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