RUMOR – Masterpiece Jazz to appear at Tokyo Toy Show?

Take this tiny, grainy photo with a huge grain of salt, fans! An image possibly indicating a much-anticipated Masterpiece Jazz figure has been making the rounds, and we figured you might want to see it.
TakaraTomy surprised us all a few days ago with the reveal of their Masterpiece Sunstreaker figure, and it looks like that perhaps wasn’t the only “WOW” they had up their sleeve. Posted by Facebook user Jun Hasui in the last 24hrs, the image shows a silhouette of a vehicle which is unmistakably a Porsche and a robot which is obviously Jazz (though the inevitable Stepper repaint would no doubt quickly follow) and captioned “MP-??”

Image Credit: Jun Hasui (Facebook)

Another thing to consider is that while Porsche is a Volkswagen brand – previously marking such a figure as an impossibility – the auto manufacturer has softened their stance regarding “war” toys like Transformers in recent years, as evidenced by the Masterpiece Bumblebee. Of course, with so little to go on, we’re putting this one solidly in the ‘rumor’ category for now, but maybe think twice before hitting ‘Buy Now’ on one of those third-party bots.