Pictures surface for LG-47, LG-48, and LG-49

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby we finally get to see Takara-Tomy’s upcoming slate in the plastic.
Kickback is up first and his Legends release has a few differences from Hasbro’s Titans Return offering. A richer purple, black upper arms, red eyes, red wrist and shin paint. His chest is a brighter yellow and has some black paint added to the crotch. His wings aren’t yellow at all having been replaced with clear plastic and some silver highlights. The chest symbol has been moved and he lost the silver “visor”. Insect mode head has an added Decepticon insignia.
Clouder is indeed the Ramhorn head mold (as some of us speculated) but is painted like Hasbro’s Doubledealer face rather than Takara’s Doubleclouder. Clouder’s robot mode is very evocative of his old Decepticon Eagle alt-mode.
Brawn has the more olive coloration Takara-Tomy often uses for him. It looks even more so than his recent Legends EX version. He also goes back to having a silver head rather than the more blueish hue of that release. His chest also looks to be a bit more on the orangey line of the spectrum rather than the straight yellow of Hasbros. Some silver knees and a yellow hood round out the major robot differences.
Blue windows and painted rims are what the vehicle mode brings to the table. The front gas cans(?) are also olive in contrast to Hasbro’s yellow.
Repugnus has white upper arms and blue eyes as a robot and big blue ones in head mode. Legends Repugnus also seems to be smiling? unlike the perma-scowl on Hasbros but could just be paint softening the sculpt.
Triggerhappy gets to show off his new Targetmaster but we don’t get a good look at his head mold. He is largely the same but with whiter whites and “golder” bronze. A few differences are white stripes on his leg wings, smokey cockpit plastic and more pronounced yellow eye shadow with a smaller Decepticon symbol further down due to the Targetmaster hole. Vehicle mode wings have white stripe instead of the blue.
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