Hi-Res Image of Mystery DOTM Optimus Prime Redeco

A while back, a low-quality photo of a catalogue from UK chain store Argos surfaced, showing a strange redeco of the Voyager Class Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime figure. The Allspark has picked up another Argos booklet featuring a much larger copy of the image, and we’ve scanned it for you to check out!

The Mystery Redeco…

At this higher quality, we can see that the image is clearly an official Hasbro stock render of a toy. However, just how this toy will be released remains a mystery, as Argos is mistakenly using these images to represent the regular, mass-retail Voyager Optimus Prime toy.
We also get a better look at his apparently newly-sculpted sword and shield. Along with his wheels and gas tanks, they seem to be cast in clear red plastic.

What Is It?

It’s possible this odd redeco could be a case-mate for the leaked Voyager Class Nitro, thought to be an upcoming Toys”R”Us exclusive. Just how Argos ended up using its stock photos would be quite a mystery in that case…
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