MP-36 Megatron Gallery!

MP-36.  Cartoon Megatron in Masterpiece form.  I have waited my entire life to own the perfect embodiment of the insane leader of the Decepticons.  Does this toy make the cut, or will I still be looking for a future 3P figure to fill the void?  Check out the gallery and review after the break and find out!

Normally I don’t bother posting about Masterpiece figures  Way better photographers than me have posted pics by the time I get mine, so I tend to focus on figures from other lines.  When I got Megatron in my hands, though, I felt like I needed to take a few pictures.  How could you not want to show off such a powerful and impressive looking figure?  So I put together a few images here for your enjoyment.

Robot Mode
This figure has the classic cartoon Megatron look to nigh perfection.  Sure he has some panel lines and the breaks in the mold for transformation, but otherwise, this is Sunbow Megatron.  I keep clicking back and forth between the animation model and the toy and it feels like they spared no detail.
As far as articulation and posing go, he’s built well enough that the few bits of kibble (if you can even call it that) on his shoulder do not hinder his arm movement much.  You can get a dynamic canon blasting pose, which is the primary pose for a guy with a canon on his arm, I suppose.

The panels in front of his hips are also mostly nonrestrictive, though they move outwards a little bit if you push the legs a little too far forward.  Megatron’s boots have a nice thickness to them and a curve reminiscent of what we saw with Shockwave.  Fortunately, MP-36, while appearing to have the same design magic in his feet that MP-29 did, he suffers from non of the random panel popping that I saw with Shockwave.  Overall, this MP Megatron is solid, with satisfying ratchet joints where needed (tight, but not too tight).  One neat thing to note about his articulation is that his head is attached to a ball joint at the base of what would be the back of his neck, giving him a very natural looking full tilt.  He can look up at the sky very menacingly, which is how I think I will pose him after I post this review.

Megatron comes with a ton of accessories:

  • 3 faceplates (calmly menacing, angrily menacing, full-on crazily menacing, and “I got my butt kicked and I’m still coming at you” menacing)
  • 1 laser mace (one loose “real” chain, one molded with joints for action poses)
  • 1 laser sword
  • 1 blaster
  • 1 key to Vector Sigma
  • 1 control helmet
  • 1 beat up chest panel
  • 1 silencer and stock (for the G1 gun turret you know you want to make)

As impressive as the MP-36 is, there are some things to be careful of when transforming him.  This is where I am going to break from my norm again and enlist the help of a fellow Allsparker who really summed up nicely all the potential snags.  User mx-01 archon share in this post:
“Sweet monkey Jesus, what demigod of engineering sold his soul to the higher powers to have the skill to realize this frightening masterpiece of plastic origami?  The way everything jigsaws together so perfectly in either mode (with the minor exception of his rather rough-looking back plate) is mind-blowing spectacle.
Also more than a little frightening, at least the first time around, trying to gingerly force small parts into place and judge how much stress they can take.  My crazy ass decided to tackle him without instructions, as I always do (although I had a bit of forewarning about loosening the screw in his pelvis, and sanding down the suppressor innards a bit), and that first go-around took me about an hour (albeit with some distraction as I was also watching TV simultaneously).  The most time consuming aspect of it was just the order of operations of it all.  I didn’t have much trouble figuring out what went where, but there are lots of places where you have to do things in a specific order to create the proper clearances for other parts.  I kept having to reposition the skirt armour and legs trying to get the arms up together, because things were always in the way of each other.  Now that I know what I’m doing, though, the process is far cleaner.  This toy’s certainly got a learning curve.  If you’re concerned about preserving this toy’s paint job, you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you.  If done right, there should be enough clearances everywhere for nothing to scrape against each other, but sometimes, due to the aforementioned order of operations, you really have to work to find that sweet spot.
This toy’s “Masterpiece moment” is definitely in how the lower legs collapse to create the gun handle.  It’s pretty ingenious.  Although, the way his chest and abdomen sort of “builds itself up” bit-by-bit makes for a really cool visual.  Really, there’s all sorts of little things littered all over the figure that come together in a really satisfying way.
Reiterating, this toy is pure brilliant madness, a clear product of engineering hubris more than anything else.  For those of you who prefer a more straightforward transformation and need a Megatron in their collection, I’d probably point elsewhere (MakeToys’ 3P “Despotron” is what I’d suggest, as long as you don’t have particular need for the full gun kit).  For those of you who relish a challenge with satisfying payoffs, this guy’s probably going to be the crown jewel for a long time coming.  Forever more into the future, when somebody online questions TakaraTomy’s engineering prowess and offers up a challenger (usually Bandai in these situations), you’re going to be able to point to this guy and say “yeah…no”.”

On that note, I will admit I have not transformed mine yet.  In addition to being mesmerized by the amazing robot mode, I had heard there were some issues with the silencer scraping paint.  You can go here to find instructions on how to remedy that and safely transform him.

One last quality of life issue is the orange plug.  If you have not received your figure yet, fret not.  While some users are reporting that the gun barrel and silencer display varying degrees of difficulty when removing the plug, it appears most have had little trouble.  The glue is fairly soft.  Just be careful and apply steady pressure.

MP Megatron is truly a Masterpiece.  He has the G1 look perfected, down to the last detail.  While he may be tedious to transform, the final result is reportedly satisfying (hopefully my weekend will be slow enough for me to attempt it).  Take care to read the instructions, and either be extra careful with the silencer or resign to making some minor modifications to ensure you don’t get scratches on the nice paint on the barrel.  In summation, this is the G1 animation Megatron you have been looking for since your childhood…don’t mess him up.