TFSS 5.0 Pt 1 Gallery with Alternate Scorponok Bio!

The TFSS 5.0 began to hit mailboxes today!  Lifeline, Quickslinger, Fractyl, and Scorponok form the first shipment of figures from the last club subscription.  Curiously, Scorponok comes with two bios, one on the card, and another printed in his instructions.  Check them out in our gallery!

The first set of figures from the subscription definitely do not disappoint!  The paint is phenomenal, the molds are in great condition, and the bios are pretty neat too.  Speaking of bios, check out the two bios for Scorponok:
Bio Card


Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts over the next few days, where we will post a few more pics of these guys with some of the figures they fit with from previous releases!