TFSS 5.0 Has Arrived and is Ready to Ship!!

The long awaited (and delayed) Transformers Subscription Service 5.0 figures from Fun Publications appear to be ready to begin shipping!!  Here’s a quote from the email sent out to subscribers:

Believe it or not the container is FINALLY here!
We will be preparing your first of three shipments this week so we need you to log in and verify your address on file by 5 pm on Tuesday March 14.
We have packed this final version in sets of two so you will only receive 3 shipments instead of 6.
Also for those of you on the installment payment plan, the billing dates will be April 3rd and May 1st. Please make sure your CC on file is current and correct.

The long awaited set includes the Pretender Megatron and Optimus, Toxitron, Fractyl+  Scorponok, Lifeline, Quickslinger, Counterpunch, plus the secret 7th figure.