Pete’s Robot Convention to Share What Would Have Been BotCon 2017 Exclusives

The organizers of Pete’s Robot Convention – taking place June 23 – 24 in Covington, KY – have announced that they will be showcasing the unused concepts that would have been the BotCon 2017 exclusive action figures and toys! In fact, in their announcement, they’ve already given us a look at one of the concepts: Action Master Skyfall from Titans Return Highbrow with Apeface’s Titanmaster!
Also, they’re not stopping at just showing off the concepts… The Grand Prize raffle at the convention will be for the entire 5-piece box set – that includes the hand-painted figures as well as mock-up packaging. Those that pre-register will receive one Grand Prize raffle ticket with their attendance, but if you pre-register before April 15th, you’ll get a second ticket as a bonus! If you want to keep increasing your odds, additional tickets will also be sold at the convention for $5 each.
You can see the announcement on Pete’s Robot Convention’s Facebook Page, pre-register at, or discuss this news in our thread in TFD.