The Last Knight Infernocus Combiner Revealed!

Leaked images have surfaced from Weibo of a combiner figure for The Last Knight – Infernocus, who reuses the limbs of Beast Hunters Abominus and includes a Quintessa figurine. Read on for the full image!

Infernocus’s torso is a brand-new figure, Skulk, whilst his limbs – Rupture, Thrash, Gorge and Glug – are redecoes of the Legion Class limbs of Beast Hunters Abominus. Notably, Skulk seems to be a larger figure than the original Legion Hun-Gurrr torso, making for a more proportional robot.

Additionally, this set seems to include a clear plastic figurine of Quintessa, the mysterious character reportedly played by Gemma Chan. This release may be the previously discovered Toys”R”Us exclusive combiner set, due to retail for $35.

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