More Images From The Australian Toy Fair

Griffin from fellow Transformers fan site Ozformers has posted on those forums a plethora of new images taken of the Hasbro booth during the Toy Fair in Australia. Of note are a few comparison shots of Octane, Blitzwing, Trypticon, and the Autobot Jumpstarters, as well as a few shots of upcoming RiD product such as Warrior Class Twinferno, Skywarp, and Bludgeon and Legion Class Cyclonus and Heatseeker! There’s also a few good looks at the RiD Combiner teams themselves.
Head over to Ozformers for the images (we’ve mirrored a few below) and then discuss this news in our ongoing Titans Return thread in TFD! Thanks again to Thylacine 2000 for the link.


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