LG-35 Brainstorm Comparison Gallery!

LG-35 is the 3rd release of the Brainstorm mold.  Most people have at least one version of it by now.  Are you still on the fence about getting another?  What about all 3?  Check out our gallery of the most recent Takara release and decide for yourself!

I’ll be honest, I love repaints.  Transformers has a history of robots of the same mold being different characters (and sadly, sometimes not different characters), and the Hasbro and Takara releases have given me plenty to add to my own personal cannon.  I love all three color schemes so much, I’m definitely considering them separate entities.  A “reformed” set of former Decepticon, now Autobot Seekers.

I never said my personal cannon was great.
Whatever your decision about who they are, I think it is clear from the pics that while they have a theme going for them, all three Brainstorm figures are distinct.  What do I like best about the Legends version?

The bright white, vibrant blue, and black highlights gives LG-35 a military or police feel.   In addition to the colors, the black highlights look like boots and gloves. Another detail that gives him a police look is the Aubotot symbol being clearly seen from the cockpit window in his lower chest.  Reminds of a badge…or a strobe light.  I see this guy as the one in charge.

I love the new face, sans faceplate.  You can clearly see the stern look of authority.  I also appreciate better detail being paid to the paint on the face of the Titanmaster.  Hasbro did a great job on the SDCC version, but the general release was lacking.

This is one of my favorite Titanmaster vehicles.  It makes a great tank, a great speeder-bike, and a pretty decent gun.  It is one of the more solid pack-ins, and I am glad we got it in these colors.

Final Thoughts
I think there is enough color difference alone to warrant getting this mold a third time.  Fortunately, there’s more than just color differences.  Solid quality, a new face on the Titanmaster, and a great mini-vehicle as a pack in make this set a solid value for the money.  Add this to your collection and you can form your own Autobot “Seekers Anonymous” group, just like I did!