TLK Voyager Optimus Prime Stock Photos Revealed

A few days ago, Allspark user Nevermore shared a number of placeholder Amazon listings for upcoming The Last Knight toys. All the listings used celestial codenames, but now one Voyager listing has been updated with images, revealing “Jupiter” as Optimus Prime! This is our best look yet at this new Optimus toy, so read on for a mirrored gallery!

We first learned about this figure from a leaked deco sheet, while its official reveal came via social media and Chinese television. Finally, we’ve got a high-resolution look at the figure via these stock photos, which we’ve mirrored below from the original Amazon listing.


This is a brand-new mold, and one of the first to be based on the finalised Optimus Prime design from Age of Extinction, because most of that film’s Optimus toys were based on older concept art. It will be marketed under the “Premier Edition” label, which seems to encompass all the Generations-type figures for The Last Knight. 
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