TakaraTomy Legends LG-EX Head-Master Set


Were you wondering if/when/how TakaraTomy was planning on releasing some of the Hasbro only Titan Master heads? If you made a bet that Headmaster Brawn would be coming out with his upcoming Legends (the scale) figure; looks like you owe someone some money.
Yes, thanks to TAGhobby.com and their scanned FigureKing issue (No.227) we now know that he (as Gong!) will be accompanying Grimlock/Clobber, Flywheels/Skytread, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm in their own Legends set. The original Headmasters will also be colormatched to their respective Legends releases and all of the robot modes include extra painted detail not on their earlier Hasbro versions.
The set will originally be available at WonderFest 2017 Winter in Japan for a suggested
retail price of 3,240 yen but might be offered at Cybertron Satellite stores later on.
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HEAD ON! Headmasters!