First Glimpse of Titans Return Krok and Quake!

A small photo has surfaced giving us our first look at the upcoming Krok and Quake Titans Return figures. We can also see their wavemates: Perceptor, Topspin and Kup. Read on for the image!

Titans Return Deluxe wave 4… a recap

Perceptor was first seen at NYCC 2016, while Kup was shown off via a Collectors’ Club exclusive review by Ben Yee. We got a look at Topspin on packaging cross-sells, including Kup’s, which you can spot in the aforementioned review.
We have known for a while that those three would have Krok and Quake as their wave-mates, thanks to store computer listings. This new photo confirms the rumors that they would use the Skullcruncher and Hardhead moulds.
Titans Return
We also get our first idea of what Topspin’s vehicle mode will look like – very G1 accurate!
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