Dick Gautier (Rodimus Prime, Apeface) passes away at 85

Actor Dick Gautier

Actor Dick Gautier, best known (to us) as Rodimus Prime passed away yesterday at 85. His other Transformers voice work included his own gun (Firebolt) as well as Apeface and a Quintesson scientist. This was in addition to his already impressive voice acting credits. Everything from Go-Bots to Sogmaster to Serpentor to Spike (in Tom & Jerry) and even a role in Batman: The Animated Series.
His live action roles were just as eclectic but he’s probably best known as Hymie from “Get Smart” but he also had appearances in Silk Stockings,¬†Freddy’s Nightmares, and Charles in Charge. Oddly enough he also played Batman himself in a TV commercial alongside Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig.
Outside of acting he’s also an author and a quite accomplished Caricaturist who has written books on the craft including 1995’s Drawing and Cartooning 1,001 Caricatures. Which yes, is available on Amazon for purchase.
He only appeared at a Botcon once. The 2002 show in Fort Wayne, Indiana but he also appeared at TFCon 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario.
We mourn his passing and wish his family our condolences in this trying time. You can commiserate with your fellow fans in Walky’s thread here on the Allspark
Dick Gautier: October 30, 1931 – January 13, 2017