BWTF’s Advanced Review of Titans Return Kup

Titans Return Kup
BWTF’s Advanced Review of Titans Return Kup

Benson Yee has been tirelessly collecting, archiving, and reviewing Transformers materials for over two decades now. Now he’s managed to get his hands on an advanced review copy of Titans Return Kup and has created a wonderful gallery to complement it.
We’ve mirrored a few of his pics below, courtesy of his website To get the full gallery and Ben’s thoughts on the figure, hop on over to his review page here.
Many people have said they enjoy the previous Generations Kup figure just fine. However, this updated version is just another example how, even despite the head master gimmick, Hasbro is knocking it out of the park when it comes to faithful renditions, rather than redesigns, of the original G1 cast.
Thanks again to Ben Yee for his awesome reviews. Also, be sure to look forward to our own gallery when this figure hits wider retail.
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Sample Pictures
Titans Return Kup Courtesy of

Titans Return Kup Courtesy of
See all the pictures in Ben’s full gallery and read his review by clicking here.