The Spacebridge Shares Unproduced Action Master Artwork

The Spacebridge has come through again, sharing some wonderful concept pieces of numerous unproduced Action Masters. All are prominent pre-existing G1 characters.

We’ve seen these pieces elsewhere  in the past, but it never hurts to revisit glorious G1-period artwork. Here we have concept art for various G1 mainstays in Action Master form, none of whom ended up making it to production. Bruticus’ accessory pieces give him a rather Gundam-ish look, which wouldn’t be the first time we saw an Action Master mimic Gundam design elements to some degree. It’s also hilarious to think of the Combiners riding motorcycles: 5 guys holding together, balancing on a bike. It’s a circus act in action figure form! We’ve mirrored the pics below, but click here to visit the wonderful The Spacebridge Facebook page, where lots of prototype goodies await. Click here to discuss these pics on the Allspark Forums, and tell us just how many more Transformers you can actually fit on one bike.