TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 9 of 12

“TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 9 of 12”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine, ChessPieceFace, and Powered Convoy
Source: TV Magazine, Oct. 1990
New Hero Roadfire Emerges!

Hydra’s comments

The Powered Master trio is assembled! Roadfire makes amazingly short work of Metrotitan, who managed to defeat both Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber hands-down last issue. Since virtually all the Micromasters were Cybertrons in the Japanese continuity, we get the one and only Destron team this month. The idea of Transformers betraying the Cybertrons to join up with the Destrons is rather rare, although the opposite occurs from time to time. Next month is the combined Big Powered—if you thought that Sky Powered sounded ridiculously overpowered, Zone’s Cybertron extravagance is just getting started…