TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 8 of 12

“TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 8 of 12”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine
Source: TV Magazine, Sept. 1990
Metrotitan Attacks Zone City!

Hydra’s comments

Because of the Cybertron dominance in late G1 Japanese toy lines, it’s not so often that we get to see the Destrons really coming out on top. This month is the exception, when Metrotitan unequivocally gives a beat down to the Zone Cybertrons. But not before killing Galaxy Shuttle, who basically served the Astrotrain position all through Victory and Zone shuttling smaller Cybertrons around, only for him to be unceremoniously obliterated in one panel by Metrotitan. Did Rocket Base get trashed as well? It looks like Metrotitan basically pounded Zone City flat. The panel of Metrosquad swarming all over Sonic Bomber is priceless. I also enjoyed the Dai Atlas vs. Metrotitan comparison, which surprisingly seems to give Metrotitan the better odds of winning. Hopefully this article will put to rest the very persistent and erroneous rumor of Metrotitan being a zombie Metroplex.