TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 12 of 12

“TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 12 of 12”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine and MrBlud
Source: TV Magazine, Jan. 1991
The Powered Masters’ Final Battle!

Hydra’s comments

A decade before Beast Machines was turning lifeless planets into gardens, Zone had the same idea! Say what you will about the simplicity and convenience of the plot, it holds very well as Kaneda Masumi had envisioned it, which was something like a fable about the birth of a new planet. The Zodiac is initially described as a precious energy source found in the depths of the earth with the power to restore life to planets. The theme of planets is carried throughout the series, with Atlas being the name of the character in Greek mythology that holds the world on his shoulders. Titan, a similar mythological character famous for its strength, was the name of Saturn’s moon where Metrotitan was created. Although no details are given, Violenjiger is said to be born on the Tenth Planet, where the spirits of fallen Destrons (I translated as sparks, updating the terminology) formed a miasma blocking out all light. Thus like Beast Machines, we have a scene where a planet is freed from an evil power controlling it by converting it to a natural environment.
Despite its distance from the sun, the Zodiac allows the planet to have a mild, oxygen-rich atmosphere. Kaneda Masumi explained that he wanted this world to be a neutral zone for all Cybertrons, Destrons, humans, aliens, a place where all species are free to coexist peacefully. Apparently all gender identities are welcome as well, because Akira seems a little confused holding hands with Kain and frolicking in the meadow, despite that he is confirmed to be male at several points. If one gets really deep into analysis of the story, Kaneda described that Akira and Kain had something of a special significance as the first humans on the planet, affording them an almost holy presence as pilgrims to the world. As such, it may be intentional that despite both being young males they embody very different personality traits with Kain the fiery warrior and Akira the gentle naturalist, a yin and yang for this balanced new world.
At least, that answer is a lot more satisfying to me than the popular fan theory that they are simply gay.
Another point of interest is that the flowers blooming everywhere on the planet and pinned in Akira’s hair appear similar to the one Akira presented to Kain in the first episode of Zone as a welcome to Earth. Since the Powered Masters are described as unifying their minds to unlock the power of the Zodiac, perhaps it reformatted this planet from the consciousness of those present.
Next month begins the twelve-issue run of Battlestars, which unlike the plodding Zone shifts right into high gear from the onset, with the search for Convoy. It is interesting that they want to elect Convoy as the new Chief Commander seeing as he has been deceased for over ten years at this point, but apparently they’re counting on the Zodiac. Notice that Magami Ban’s designs for Sky Garry and Grandus are different than the ones that appear later, with Sky Garry having a more rounded helmet-like head in this appearance. Battlestars is a genuinely fun series, and it really starts off next month!