TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 11 of 12

“TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 11 of 12”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine, ChessPieceFace, and Powered Convoy
Source: TV Magazine, Dec. 1990
Explode! Final Blade! Double Powered Cutter!

Hydra’s comments

The second-to-last Zone issue feels somewhat drawn out this month, as with no new toys to introduce the battle with Violenjiger stretches out across two issues. Next month we get to see the true identity of the mysterious Violenjiger, and a preview of Battlestars. Although only one episode of the OVA was produced, it’s nice to note that the TV magazine story seems to have followed the intended arc for the series, as Kaneda Masumi discussed the significance of the 10th planet in the Zone interview I have translated previously.