TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 10 of 12

“TV Magazine: Transformers Zone, Part 10 of 12”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine and ChessPieceFace
Source: TV Magazine, Nov. 1990
Violenjiger Emerges!  Big Powered in Pursuit!

Hydra’s comments

Wow. Just, wow. It’s no secret that late Japanese G1 series are very Cybertron-centric, but let’s review what we know about Big Powered:

  •  He’s really, really heavy. He weighs 1500 tons, meaning that while he is actually only 65 meters long (something like three Gundams end to end), every meter of his length weighs an average 46,153.8 pounds!
  •  Despite this staggering weight, he is very fast, traveling at 9999 Powered Knots (I don’t know what this means, but the 9999 tells me it is so extreme that it makes me want to chug a Mountain Dew while snowboarding, naked.)
  •  As if this was not fast enough, in outer space Big Powered can travel fast enough to orbit Earth 8.5 times in a second, AKA the speed of light. This actually does make some sense, because if he wants to chase Violenjiger to a planet farther from Earth than Pluto, he’s going to have to be going very fast in order to get there before Beast Wars.
  •  Additionally, he has the power to make rainbows in space. No comment needed.

In summary, Big Powered is so ridiculously strong that his victory against Violenjiger is a foregone conclusion, and we should just relax and enjoy Magami Ban’s awesome art. In particular, his depiction of the Zodiac after being stolen as having morphed from a crystalline form into a monstrous beating heart was inspired. The two page spread of Big Powered soaring through space is also one of the stand-out pieces of Zone art. Next month, Zone’s final battle commences!