David Kaye to attend TFExpo 2016



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Over the weekend, it was announced that legendary Transformers voice actor David Kaye will be making an appearance at TFExpo 2016.  David will be appearing with fellow voice actor Michael Bell as guests at the convention in Wichita, Kansas August 5th and 6th. David of course was the beloved voice of Beast Wars, Beast Machines Megatron, and the Unicron Trilogy as […]

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Roll Call Roll Out Summary – BotCon 2016 Exclusive Ravage & TCC Ramjet Revealed!



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The folks of the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club / BotCon are currently at the UK event Roll Call Roll Out, and they’ve been dropping hints of what’s to come from BotCon and the TCC in the future.  Here is a summary of what was discussed at the Club / BotCon panel!  Also revealed were mockups of BotCon 2016 Ravage as […]

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Get Voicemail Message From/Hang Out With David Kaye and Help A Charity


Transformers voice actor David Kaye has given Transformers fans the excellent voices for Beast Wars Megatron, Unicron Trilogy Megatron, Animated Optimus Prime, and others. Now he wants to give lucky bidders their own personal voicemail message in one of his famous voices! The Bidding For Good auction begins tomorrow, August 24th, and ends September 7th. If a voicemail message isn’t […]

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