Combiner Wars Protectobot Limbs, Leader Thundercracker, and Legends Groove, Viper, and Warpath In Stock at BBTS

Have the online images of Combiner Wars Defensor been driving you crazy with anticipation? Your wait may be over! Allspark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store have now received their first shipment of Combiner Wave Deluxe Class Wave 3 – Rook, First Aid, Streetsmart, and Blades; Leader Class Wave 2 – Thundercracker; and Legends Wave 3 – Groove, Warpath, and Viper; […]

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New Images of Upcoming Combiner Wars and Robots In Disguise Products

Thanks to Hasbro Greece and Hasbro Canada’s websites, we now have new official images of Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Groove, Viper, and Warpath, Voyagers Hot Spot and Cyclonus, And Robots in Disguise Hero Mashers Optimus Prime, Strongarm, and Clampdown. Unlike previous images of the Combiners Wars figures, these appear to be factory samples and are no longer hand-painted […]

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Club magazine #61 Cover revealed!


MrBlud is one of the "highly esteemed" moderators of Transformers Discussion and the Convention forum here on the Allspark. He also occasionally helps post news articles. He likes both the robots and the ponies and would probably cop to liking G.I Joe too if you corner him,

While some members of the Transformers Collectors Club doubtlessly already have their issue in hand, those of us with slower shipping have eagerly been awaiting pics of the new Combiner Wars Warpath. As hinted, it is a recolor of Legends Megatron albeit with a more G1 Warpath-y head. It looks really sharp and I for one would totally be onboard […]

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TCC Magazine Issue 61 Hitting Mailboxes – Generations Legends Class Warpath Revealed

Members of the Transformers Collectors’ Club have begun to receive their copies of the TCC Magazine #61. On the cover, in preparation for Toy Fair, is the revelation of Generations Legends Class Warpath! Much like Huffer, Warpath is a remold of an existing Legends mold. In his case, it’s Megatron with Warpath’s head. What do you think? Does that sound […]

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Protectobots Joining the Combiner Wars?

We here at the Allspark have received some new information about future releases for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars toy line. A Wal-Mart employee and computer sleuth (who has asked to remain anonymous) has dug into the retailer’s inventory system and pulled out a few names that will definitely interest a few Transformers fans… Because it appears that the Protectobots […]

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