Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Upsized Voyager Optimus Prime Gallery


Jason (Onyx Minor) has been a contributor of News and Content since 2007.He is a fan of beast modes, multilingualism and Jammie Dodgers.

As many of you are now finding, the upsized voyagers we first heard about during Botcon 2013 have shown up in several places, be they Target at full price, or Ross and Marshalls for $15 or less.  I will take a quick moment to review them with a gallery, starting with Optimus Prime. In truck mode, Prime is thick and […]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Dinobots Wave 1 Gallery

As fans may or may not be aware, the first waves of Transformers 4 figures have started trickling out at Walmarts across Canada. Check out the following images of a few of the Dinobots who will be part of the upcoming movie toy line – Deluxe Dinobot Slug, Deluxe Scorn, and also a couple of images of Voyager Grimlock!  

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More Images of In-Package Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, more dinosaurs…and a Samurai. For those looking to get more of a glimpse at the upcoming companion toys to this Summer’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Ragin’ Nation Facebook page have posted even more images of in-package product! Now up are images of Deluxe Drift, Deluxe Scorn, Deluxe Strafe, Leader Optimus Prime, Leader Grimlock, and another view of […]

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In Package Images for Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Want more Age of Extinction toy news? You’ve got it! The Ragin’ Nation have uploaded a series of in package images of assorted Transformers 4 movie toys onto their Facebook page. The images include Deluxe Class Dinobot Slash, Voyager Autobot Hound, Voyager Autobot Hound out of package, Voyager Galvatron, and 1 Step Changer Decepticon Stinger. While the images are a […]

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In Hand Images of “Age Of Extinction” Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Grimlock

Movie Optimus Prime in Generation 1 Optimus Prime’s alternate mode is something that fans have been asking for since rumors of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie. And now with the fourth film coming this summer, fans can actually get their wish! ChErikS of the 2005 boards has posted a pictorial review of the Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime figure […]

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Transformers Generations Voyager

Transformers Generations Voyager – Roadbuster, Sky-Byte.  

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