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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

TakaraTomy tweeted a number of images and links for the holidays yesterday for their fans viewing pleasure.  Among the links was a new Transformers Legends manga, showing off what some of our favorite Transformers are doing over Christmas.  Another one has Windblade, Chromia, and Arcee (all dressed as Santa Claus) along side Rattrap.  Last but not least is Rattrap and […]

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New Toy Sightings – Generations Legends Acid Storm & Gears, Hero Mashers Soundwave & Slug

Time to start the toy hunt all over again! The next wave of Transformers Generations Legends and Hero Mashers Deluxe figures have been found at a Target in Orchard Park, New York! This wave of Legends is the final wave with Targetmaster partners (they will be replaced with a trading card for next year’s assortments) and includes Acid Storm with […]

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BBTS Pre-Order Notice – Generations Wave 4 Deluxe, Legends Wave 3

Generations fans, it’s time to get excited!! Big Bad Toy Store have just listed Generations Deluxe Wave 4 and Legends Wave 3 for pre-order. These Deluxes include Crosscut, Nightbeat, Jhiaxus, and Windblade. The Legends are Acidstorm with Venin and Gears with Eclipse! So hurry up and get your pre-orders in for these very much awaited Generations figures!

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Official Images of Generations Roadbuster, Sky-Byte, Acid Storm, and Gears

Transformers Colombia are at it again, sleuthing up official images of upcoming Transformers product. This round of discoveries bring us Generations Voyagers Roadbuster and Sky-Byte and Generations Legends Gears & Eclipse and Acid Storm & Venin! The latter two are redecoes (and a remold for Gears) of Legends Swerve and Starscream, respectively. Click here and click here to see the […]

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