Takara Legends LG-30 Weirdwolf Gallery!


Jason (Onyx Minor) has been a contributor of News and Content since 2007.He is a fan of beast modes, multilingualism and Jammie Dodgers.

Today’s Allspark gallery is brought to you by the number Weird and the color Wolf.  If you have the US version of Wolfwire, you might think you aren’t missing much due to how similar both figures are, but if you are a fan of Titanmasters, you’d be wrong.

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Transformers Universe Second Live Stream Happening Now!

For those still eager to see game play video from the upcoming Transformers Universe online video game, Jagex and the game’s designers are currently running their second live stream! Right now they’re showing off one of the game’s “energon quests”. Click here to check out the live stream. Join us at 6pm BST for the next #Transformers Universe #livestream http://t.co/kvJcq3H8Es […]

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Transformers: Universe Character Spotlights Autobot Macro, Decepticon Flatline

Jagex and the folks behind the still upcoming Transformers: Universe online video game have now updated their YouTube account with two new character spotlight videos. Autobot Macro is a stealthy speedster looking to create as much damage and havoc amongst the Decepticons as he can. And the time-warping Decepticon Flatline not only knows the laws of physics, he is their […]

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Transformers Universe Live Stream Going on Now

The makers of the online Transformers Universe video game are now having a live stream example game play for interested fans to watch! The live stream shows a group of players as they make their way through a level, fighting all manner of baddies in the process! The Autobots game play has just wrapped up. Next is a game trailer, […]

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Meet Transformers Universe Meltdown and Duststorm

The upcoming Transformers Universe online video game has updated its site with two game play trailers focused on the Autobot Meltdown and the Decepticon Duststorm! Meltdown would appear to be a heavy-hitting medic, while Duststorm is a sniper eager to show off her skill set. Click here to see the videos

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