Universal Studios Snarl with Rereleases of Evac and Dark of the Moon Bumblebee and Optimus


Naas has been a member of the Allspark community since 2010, whom many of our regulars will recognize as NotVeryKnightly on the forums. While never really keeping up with the current media Naas has a consistent and long lasting interest in the Transformers themselves.

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As reported by Snakas, an extensive gallery of Universal Studios exclusive Snarl has been shared to the TFmizer Hong Kong Facebook group. Snarl is a less vibrant redeco of the Age of Extinction Deluxe toy.

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The Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios, Hollywood!

Universal Studios, Hollywood is hosting a Transformers Fan experience on June 20th! People who purchase tickets to this event will get exclusive after-hours access to the park from 8 pm to 11 pm and will be able to experience all the rides! they will also be participating in special Transformers activities such as panel discussions featuring Hasbro’s transformers team and […]

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