Play With This Too Kickstarter – Halfway through, 71% Funded.

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Today marks the halfway point for the Play With This Too “Lost Protectors” Kickstarter, and the group is proud to report that they are right now 71% funded. So if your work that basic math, they’re doing really rather well! They have plenty of items up as rewards for donations, and have been working on adding more as the Kickstarter […]

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3rd Party Group FansToys Announces Upcoming Project

The 3rd party group FansToys have announced their newest project in a pre-order listing that was found on our sponser site  BBTS. Their new project is going to be called FT-06 Server which is a 3rd party spin off of G1 Dinobot Snarl. FT-06 Server will be a continuation of their Dinobot Masterpiece spin off line. You may pre-order the […]

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