Transformers Cloud Starscream and Brawn Available at the Club Store

Continuing their partnership with eHOBBY, the Transformers Collectors’ Club now have pre-orders for eHOBBY’s upcoming Starscream and Brawn exclusives! Starscream is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer/Blitzwing mold with added Null Rays, and Brawn is uses the previously unreleased GDO remold of First Edition Bulkhead. Each figure is listed at $87. Click the following links for the pre-order pages: Starscream […]

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New Takara Tomy Kre-O Comic Features The Protectobots

Takara Tomy have added another Kre-O comic to their webite. This comic revolves around the Protectobots as they protect humans and fight to recover a transformation cog during a Decepticon attack on Metroplex. Then, of course since they’re the Protectobots, mending the injured Decepticons afterward. Click here to see the original page

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Next Two Transformers Cloud Exclusives Revealed – Brawn and Starscream!

EHOBBY and TakaraTomy Toy Mall have revealed their next two Transformers Cloud exclusives! Brawn is the unreleased GDO Brawn remold of First Edition Bulkhead, and Starscream is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer mold. More in formation about these figures’ release should be available soon. EHOBBY announcement page | Discuss the figures here

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