Cybertronic Spree Releases Cover Of Heart’s Barracuda

John Patrick

John has been a member of the Allspark Community for almost twenty years. He has been hooked on Transformers since Christmas 1984, and is making sure that the next generation loves them too!

Everyone’s favorite Transformer band is back! Cybertronic Spree has released a new cover of a classic 80’s song! Read on for the video!  

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Transform and Rock Out: The Cybertronian Spree performs “Immigrant Song!”

Fans of Transformers and Thor are usually used to heavy metal of different kinds, but a recent viral musical performance brought all the possible senses of the term together — and the results, well, rock. Currently making the rounds is a new performance by The Cybertronic Spree, who made waves a while back when they debuted their unique Transformers-costumed musical performances. […]

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