Official BotCon 2015 “The Bounty Hunter” Photos


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Sporting more of a “brown” look than in the Video, Oilmaster and his Double Pretender robots have some official photography up on the Botcon website. The scheme seems to have some further tweaking beyond that as well.  All 3 figures are shown in their robot and alternate modes. Oilmaster is the 5th and final exclusive reveal for the 2015 BotCon […]

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Minor Update

Fans eager to see the BotCon figure reveals may have just gotten themselves a minor teaser for what’s to come. The exclusives page at has now been updated with placeholder images for the soon-to-be-revealed 5-figure box set, each image featuring the nicknames “The Thief”, “The Muscle”, “The Loose Cannon”, “The Boss”, and “The Bounty Hunter”.  While these nicknames were […]

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