Allspark Showcase Collection For May 2021

John Patrick

John has been a member of the Allspark Community for almost twenty years. He has been hooked on Transformers since Christmas 1984, and is making sure that the next generation loves them too!

Another month is here, and we are highlighting the collections of our fandom! Bringing you a look at an amazing collection each and every month. So read on to see this month’s amazing collection!  

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Transformers Cyberverse Creative Team: Ideas That Didn’t Make The Final Cut

Transformers Cyberverse Story Editor Randolph Heard started a rather intriguing discussion on his Twitter; going as far as inviting other members of the creative team including Zac Atkinson, Mae Catt, Gavin Hignight and Dan Salgarolo to contribute their ideas that ultimately missed the cut for various reasons.

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Amazing Custom Ark Diorama Play Set

Eduardo Salazar Saez of the Transformers Chile Facebook group has posted up some images of one of the most amazing custom dioramas we’ve ever seen. This massive replica of the Autobot Ark has been made to scale for Transformers Generations figures. Featuring a full layout of the ship this massive play set is over 6 feet long. Take a look […]

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