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Reposted via our friends over at Entertainment Earth we get a first look at Stephen Amell of Arrow in costume as the vigilante Casey Jones. Check it out below the bump! (And be spoiled!)

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Hasbro Appoints Stephen Davis to Newly-Created Chief Content Officer Position

Hasbro has just recently appointed Stephen Davis to a newly created “chief of content” position. He will be in charge of handling Allspark Pictures and the Bay Transformers films as stated in the press release below.  He will also retain oversight of the Company’s Los Angeles-based Hasbro Studios, the global licensing and publishing teams, in-house commercial production at Cakemix Studios […]

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Josh Feldman Announced as Head of Development for Hasbro Studios

Hasbro is pleased to announce that, following the success of “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”, they now have a head of development for the TV and Film division of their company: Josh Feldman. Prior to Hasbro, Josh was director of development at Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films banner, where he worked on the “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” movies. He also helped […]

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