Play With This Too’s Kickstarter Now Open

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If you’ve been patiently waiting for your first chance at owning some of Play With This Too’s parts-swapping, armor-building action figures, now you have it! The company has now opened their Kickstarter – Lost Protectors and it has plenty of swag to offer in exhange for potential donations. From buttons to t-shirts to prints to heads, weapons and, of course, […]

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First Video of Play With This Too’s Desolataur

Play With This Too have released a video that shows off their Desolataur prototype, including size comparison, articulation and parts interchangeability, as well as his partner figure, D-Mon, and his interaction with Desolataur. Read on to see the video.

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Images of Play With This Too’s Desolataur Prototype

Play With This Too are progressing along with their first action figure offerings, and are now at the prototype stage for Desolataur and D-Mon. Currently being shown are 3D printed prototypes of the pair, which are not perfect representations of the sculpt and details that the final figures will possess. Desolataur is a horned demon creature with spiked armor (similar to […]

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Christopher Dahlberg to Produce Play With This Too’s Digital Sculpts

Rik Alvarez of PWTT has sent out a press release letting everyone know that he has contracted famed designer Christopher Dahlberg to produce PWTT’s digital sculpts. Dahlberg has worked with Mattel for 14 years and is an former owner and founder of the well known group, the Four Horsemen; he has also been in the collectible toy making industry for […]

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Official Detailed images of Play With This Too Goldmine and Flarestrike

PWTT has released some official images of their Goldmine and Flarestrike figures. Flarestrike will be their first redeco of Jetstrike and one of the “strikers” that they have to come. The color scheme for Flarestrike will be limited to their crowd funding campaign and they have no plans to reissue this item at a later time. The opportunity that you […]

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Aaron Archer and Simon Furman as Designer & Story Artists for Play With This Too?

The Play with This Too collectibles company has apparently signed on Aaron Archer and Simon Furman to work with their business! Judging from the picture below it looks as if Mr.Archer will be working on the design of the high-quality toy products that they will be manufacturing in days to come; while Mr.Furman will be in charge of the back story […]

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