Titans Return Octane Gallery!


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Octane and Murk were spotted lurking around the toy aisle of my local Target recently.  How different does this version of the mold look from Laser Prime?  Check out the gallery after the break to find out!

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More Images From The Australian Toy Fair

Allspark News

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Griffin from fellow Transformers fan site Ozformers has posted on those forums a plethora of new images taken of the Hasbro booth during the Toy Fair in Australia. Of note are a few comparison shots of Octane, Blitzwing, Trypticon, and the Autobot Jumpstarters, as well as a few shots of upcoming RiD product such as Warrior Class Twinferno, Skywarp, and […]

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“Transformers Age of Extinction” Generations Deluxe Action Figures Promotional Images

And now the toys that you’ve probably been waiting for! While the previous action figures may be best described as being targeted towards younger audiences, the Generations Deluxe Class of action figures has an older audience in mind. These toys keep the usual level of transformation difficulty, leaving out the gimmicks and other features of One Step, Power Battlers, and […]

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