TakaraTomy Teases Masterpiece Inferno


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TakaraTomy Mall has snuck in a little teaser about a new Masterpiece figure coming this Winter into their MP-14+ Anime Alert (Cartoon Red Alert) preorder page.  The teaser features an Autobot carrying MP-14+ Alert in their arms.  Astute fans will remember that G1 Inferno (who may have been recently retconned into BW Inferno) carried Red Alert in his arms in […]

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Masterpiece Lambor, Alert, Starscream, and Convoy to be Re-released Next Year in Japan

If you missed out on some of the more recent Masterpiece offerings and have been put off by secondary market prices, you might want to mark down first quarter of next year on your calendar. Planet Iacon’s Facebook page have posted a solicitation from Takara Tomy for Masterpieces MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe), MP-14 Alert (Red Alert), MP-11 Starscream, and MP-10 Convoy […]

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